Internal guidelines & external statements of our values & commitments.

Membership Code of Conduct

• Members shall comply with applicable Canadian codes and standards (i.e., CSA A23.1/A23.2) as a minimum standard for concrete construction.

• Members shall operate their businesses in conformance with principles of positive community relations and recognized standards of environmental stewardship, complying with all applicable laws and codes of practice.

• Members shall incorporate good health and safety principles throughout their operations.

• Members shall deal honestly and fairly with their customers and assure the quality of their products and services.

• Members shall act in a professional manner and shall avoid all conduct or practice that is detrimental to the ready-mixed concrete industry, to the Association, to any of its members in good standing, or to any of their customers.

• Members shall treat their competitors, including their property and ideas, in a respectful and professional manner, and not falsely or wrongfully disparage the professional reputation or business prospects of another member.

• Members will fully comply with the Canadian Competition Act.